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Meiji machine Co., Ltd.
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Meiji machine(Dezhou)
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Dezhou,Shandong, 253034,China
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MEIJI MACHINE (DE ZHOU) CO., LTD. is located in Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone which is in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China. Dezhou has a very easy access to the airports of Beijing or Jinan, Ports of Tianjin or Qingdao and everywhere in China through high-way, railway, and High-Speed-Railway under construction.
MEIJI MACHINE (DE ZHOU) CO., LTD. was invested in 2005 by MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD.,which was founded over 100 years ago, and now has become the biggest bread flour milling and feeding machinery company in Japan with having won honors of "Oriental Technology of bread flour milling" in the world with many originally technological invention.
We, as a subsidiary company of MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD., is launching a new career in China with continuing the histories, technology and honors of MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD..In other words, We will offer our high-quality products and other solutions made in Dezhou with technological services and shorter delivery time to customers including both flour milling factories and milling machinery makers not only in Japan and China, but also in the World with Japanese manufacture technology and Japanese after-service trustworthiness according to the global strategic vision of MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD..
As the first step of making inroads into the China market and the worldwide market, we will produce and sell our MEIJI-ROLLER which has been successfully used as the first chosen due to its high quality and excellent performances in the all flour milling factories in Japan.
At the time of producing and selling our MEIJI-ROLLER in China and overseas, we will also produce our original roller fluting machine, the roller matting machine and the flour milling machine etc. made in Dezhou with MEIJI-BRAND, and provide them to our customers in China and other Countries.
We are looking to play an active part on developing the bread flour milling technology and related products not only in Japan and China, but also all over the World as well.

 Founded  March 14th 2005
 Capital  5.85million dollars
 Legal representative  KOBAYASHI TOSHITAKA
 Employees  28
Based on "Oriental technology of flour milling", to play an active part on developing "food
  culture" in the world.
To focus on providing the high-quality products with technological services and shorter delivery
  time to our customers, and contribute to development in local community.
To regard making a level-up to accomplishment and ability of our employees as one of our duties.
Business scope
Production and sales of Meiji-Roller for flour and feed mills.
Grinding, fluting, matting and other processing for flour rollers used.
Delivery of consultant, technical service and design of flour plant or flour diagram.
Production and sales of fluting machine, matting machine with Meiji-Brand.
1899  Yamakoshi factory had founded previous to Meiji machine
   Became the first company that produce roller in Japan
1905  Product and supply the originated roller with flour whole set
1914  Exported the milling whole set to Shanghai, Wuxi in China
1925  Yamakoshi factory converted to joint stock corporation
1938  Joined the Meiji Group
1948  Renamed the company from Yamakoshi to Meiji Machine Co.,LTD.
1949  Stock listing on the Tokyo stock Exchange
1957  Developed the first Pneumatic system in Japan
1960  Product and supply the mixing whole set on the market in Japan
1961  Succeeded with the dual centrifugal-cast chilled roller
1964  Exported the milling whole set to Pakistan
1981  Exported the fishing whole set to Russia
1982  Exported the milling whole set to Korea
1983  Exported the milling whole set to Russia
1987  Exported the technology of the dual centrifugal cast chilled roller to Wuxi in China
1990  Exported the milling whole set to Dalian in China
2000  Entered the machining equipment for semiconductor
2003  Entered the business in the market of China
2005  Wholly-owned subsidiary company was founded in DeZhou,Shandong ,China
2006  Officially started the production and sales of the centrifugal cast chilled roller
2019  Commissioned to build a fish feed factory project in Tianjin, China, and completed the
          installation and commissioning of all equipment.
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