Features of meiji-roller
  Roller size and parameter
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Dual centrifugally-cast chilled roller
  Depended on invention of the automatic dual centrifugally--casting method by MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD., the roller can be fabricated with different chilled layer depth, and “Clear Chill” called as a boundary between chilled layer and grey pig iron is distinct. The section structure is rational, strong, and can eliminate strain caused during operation by the difference in heat conductivity between two materials.
Special combination and superior performance of alloy chilled
  Not only in theory but also in practice for many years, depended on molten temperature control of electric furnace by the computer, remolding temperature management of casting-roller, the superior combination and theperformances of the alloy chilled have been verified with the homogeneous texture, the even surface hardness in axial, circular and radius directions, higher wear-resistance, longer roller-life, and advanced workability.
Super highly processing precise by original processing machine
  With the roller surface grinding machine, the roller fluting machine,and the roller matting machine etc. developed originally by MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD., it is able to finish roller surface with super highly precision. In addition, rollers finished by the roller fluting machine or the roller matting machine of MEIJI-BRAND can really help you to achieve very good results for crushing wheat, milling wheat flour, and a steady quality of flour milling.
Design of unique roller shaft
  The shaft MEIJI-ROLLER has a unique design, with steel forging, heat-treating and processing by NC lathe. The combination between the roller shell and the roller shaft is realized to press carefully the roller shaft into the roller shell by MEIJI's shaft press with computer controlling. So,a very strong strength, a very high hardness, a very tough stiffness and a very excellent precision etc.of the MEIJI's roller shaft can be guaranteed. And broken shaft has never happened.
Merits of thinner shell
  For reducing casting strain and heightening heat conductivity etc.,the shell of MEIJI-ROLLER is made thinner and lighter than when made by conventional method. In the other hand, it is effective on easily moving the roller in maintenance and saving energy at milling machine starting due to lighter weight of the roller shell.
Water-cooling and non water-cooling
  MEIJI-ROLLER can use for both water-cooling and none water-cooling. If water-cooling is required, it is very easy to connect the piping system to the roller.

Roller size

Model Outside diameter (mm) Length (mm)
roller for flour mill 250 600,800,1000,1250
300 1000,1250,1500
roller for noodle mill 150 625---900
180 625---900
240 625---900
roller for feed mill 300 1000---1500
Parameter(roller for flour mill)
Item Parameter Remark
Outside diameter  
Weight 291±2 kg Including two shafts
Hardness of shell surface HS73±3
(fulted roller)
The average of data by 42 test point of the shell surface
(matted roller)
The average of data by 42 test point of the shell surface
1)The example is D250*L1000 roller for flour mill
2)There can be some change in design without  information
3)Right of explanation belongs to Meiji(Dezhou)Co.,Ltd.
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